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Americanized Surname

My grandfather came to the USA at age 12. He taught himself to read, write, and speak English without an accent. He was born Karl Robert Müller but became Charles R. Miller. Although he was born in Speyer-am-Rhein, Pfalz Spires-on-the-Rhine, Rhenish Palatinate in 1870, he claimed he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, as is shown on the U.S. census. He did this to protect himself from going to war. He had a wife and children to support at the time. During WWI he was a translator for the U.S. Army here in the States, helping to translate the German spoken by German prisoners held in the USA. There were many German prisoners here at the time. Later, he again became, although still somewhat Americanized, Charles R. Mueller.

Judy Christopher [1]

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