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General Information Bavaria

Bavaria Administrative Organization 1808 until today

In 1808 within the Kingdom of Bavaria a new administrative organization system was set up, the so-called Verwaltungsorganisation nach Montgelas. The Bavarian country was subdivided into administrative units called Kreise. In the following centuries this organization was changed several times and as well the names of these Kreise and also the used terms changed over time.

  • Kreis - in the Bavarian past this term specified a large Administrative Region (similar to nowadays Regierungsbezirk)
  • Regierungsbezirk - this current term specifies a large Administrative Districts (similar to the old, past Kreis)

See here also: Bavaria Subdivision of administrative units

Names of old Bavarian administrative regions

Name 1808 1810 1817 1837 1931 - 45 1946 bis heute
  Kreis Kreis Name of Kreis Name of Kreis Name of Kreis Name of Regierungsbezirk
Altmühlkreis established     dissolved            
Eisackkreis established dissolved        
Etschkreis established dissolved        
Illerkreis established   dissolved      
Innkreis established   dissolved      
Isarkreis established     Oberbayern Oberbayern Oberbayern
Lechkreis established dissolved        
Oberfranken und Mittelfranken
Naabkreis established dissolved        
Oberdonaukreis established     Schwaben und Neuburg Schwaben (1939) Schwaben
Pegnitzkreis established dissolved        
Regenkreis established     Oberpfalz und Regensburg Niederbayern und Oberpfalz Oberpfalz
Rezatkreis established     Mittelfranken Oberfranken und Mittelfranken (1933) Mittelfranken
Rheinkreis     Rheinkreis
(established 1816)
Pfalz Saarpfalz part of German Federal State: Rheinland-Pfalz
Salzachkreis established   dissolved      
Unterdonaukreis established     Niederbayern Niederbayern und Oberpfalz Niederbayern
Untermainkreis     Untermainkreis (established) Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg Mainfranken (1938) Unterfranken

Bavaria Subdivision of Administrative Units

Bavaria - 1808 to 1939
In the past these Kreise (large administrative regions) were subdivided into so-called Landgerichte (ä. O.) (Regional court areas of the old order) and since 1862 into so-called Bezirksämter (District offices) which were further subdivided into so-called Landgerichte (Regional court areas).

  • Abbreviations:
    • LG ä.O. = Landgericht (ä.O.) / Landgericht älterer Ordnung
    • LG = Landgericht (after 1862)
    • BA = Bezirksamt

Bavaria - 1946 until today
Since 1946 the term Regierungsbezirk (Administrative District) is used to specify the larger administrative unit. Each Regierungsbezirk is subdivided into Landkreise (counties) and Kreisfreie Städte (independent cities). Each Landkreis consists of Gemeinden (municipalities) and Orten (places).

Today sometimes for the German word - Landkreis - the shorter German word Kreis is also used. BUT - then its only meant in an abbreviate way (for county) and has nothing to do with the old larger administrative regions who in Bavarias past were called Kreis.

  • Abbreviations:
    • Reg.Bz = Regierungsbezirk
    • LK = Landkreis
    • KfS = Kreisfrei Stadt
    • Gmd = Gemeinde

Administrative Districts in the Federal State Bavaria

Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia) | Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) | Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) | Oberfranken (Upper Franconia) |
Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) | Schwaben (Swabia) | Unterfranken (Lower Franconia) |

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