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(Borlum), church village, ΒΌ miles northwest from Bredstedt, in the country Bredstedt, province Husum. On the south side of this village is marshland and at the north side is Geest land. It is divided into the villages of Oster- and Wester-Bordelum. Oster-Bordelum has 46 fireplaces ( I guess it means houses), Wester-Bordelum 43 fireplaces, with one large and 30 small Landstellen. There is a district school, three saloons, one forge and many craftsmen. The church lies northeast, in about 1500 Ellen (old german Measure) distance from Bordelum. The church burned down in the year 1629. The villages of: Addebuell, Bordelum, Buettelbuell, Dorpum, Ebuell, Gluecksberg, Springenfeld, Lund, Rissenshoern, Sterdebuell, Stollberg, Uphusen. Oster-Bordslum has 327 Steuertonnen and Wester-Bordelum 211 Steuertonnen. The soil is good, the Geest is quiet hilly and from geologic view very interesting. In the north of Wester-Bordelum are some springs. Residents of the parish: 1275.

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  • Bordelum (deu)
  • village
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  • W2251 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 25852 (1993-07-01 -)
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  • geonames:3208539

TK25: 1319

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