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Following you find the results of the GEDCOM-L group, a team of 23 German speaking authors of genealogy programs.

This group has been formed with the support of the "Verein für Computergenealogie e.V." with the aim of:

  • Improve communication between Genealogy programs using GEDCOM files
  • Reduce loss of data during export/import of GEDCOM files
  • Common understanding and interpretation of the GEDCOM standard
  • Agree to a common solution to improve the user satisfaction
  • By obtaining the uniqueness of every programm
  • Use the GEDCOM standard draft 5.5.1 as base

During the last years almost every single GEDCOM tag has been discussed. This discussion was very fruitfull and a lot of different interpretations of the GEDCOM standard could be resolved. For most of them good agreements could be reached. These agreements have been documented in the German [1] and now as an English abstract available for international use and other software authors. For each of the following pages there is a link to the German original version, which include also the treatment and representaion of difficult situations and the still open items.

We know that even with these actions a completely lossless exchange of the data is not possible due to different setups of the databases of the programs.

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