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Surname: Egner

I am researching the surname Egner. Various sources have told me that the name originated in the Black Forest area of today's Germany. Another source told me that the name came from Sweden. The name means coming from a land with oak trees. At this time I have no proof of any of this. I have found the Egner name in various villages in Germany thanks to the LDS microfilm. However, I have not been able to connect any of these people to my great, great grandfather.

My great, great grandfather was Wendelin Egner. I have jokingly told my husband that I think Wendelin was a stowaway on a ship coming to the United States. So far I have not found him on Ellis Island, Castle Garden, or other emmigration sites that I have searched.

The search has not been fruitless and I am learning more than I ever thought I would. I have learned more history and am learning to read a few words in Danish, Norwegian & having to remember my German. Thanks to this search, we have made contact with a "cousin" in Sweden and have learned a lot about my husband's grandmother's family.

Tonia Egner Nielsen

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