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Contrary Declaration of J.H.P.Schroeder Dated Mar 28 1849, Bremen Due to malice and jealousy, articles entitled "Warning" recently appeared in several newspapers, towit the "Leher Mittheilers" the "Detmolder Wage" and the "Auswanderer-Zeitung", signed at Bremerhaven on Mar 13 1849 by F. Meissenbach, H.W. and D Weber, Amalie Meisenbach and Franz Meisenbach. In the article complaint was made that the [above mentioned] persons had boarded the shipCHRISTOPH COLUMBUS" but had been put ashore again because the ship was full and their names did not appear on the passenger list,even though they had contracts [for passage] with the shipping line. They were forced to pay Joh[ann] Schrader of Geestendorf 5 Reichskroner to bring them ashore. I wish to reply as follows: My good reputation is recognized by all my business acquaintances, but in the interest of the Bremen emigration business I must respond with the truth in this case. It was through the irresponsibility of the five passengers mentioned above, and not my fault, that they went aboard the ship "CHRISTOPH COLUMBUS', even though they had tickets for the ship "WICHELHAUSEN" Captain Warnken. The sworn statement of shipping agent Herr Wilh[elm] Schrader leaves no doubt of this: "At the request of Herr J.H.P.Schroeder, I swear that the following five passengers, Franz Meisenbach, Heinrich W[ilhel]m Weber, Franz Breunsbeck,Daniel Weber, and Amalie Meisenbach all of Wahlscheid, purchased passages aboard the ship "WICHELHSUDEN, Captain Warnken, from [the firm of] Buttel & Stiffer and traveled with the ticket to [board the ship in]Bremerhaven." Signed Wilh[elm] Schrader, shipping agent.... To whomever it may be of interest: The passengers came to Bremen without having previously reserved passages. At their urgent request I undertook to obtain passages for them... It is untrue that I arrived in Bremerhaven three to four days after the five passengers.

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