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File:Lage Kreis Neustadt an der Aisch in Bayern.png
Location of County Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim within the Federal State (Bundesland) Bavaria



The county (Landkreis) Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim is located in the northwest of the administrative district (Regierungsbezirk) Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia) of Bavaria.

Coat of Arms


The coat of arms of county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim represents the former territories that made up the main part of this county. The silver and black, red-tongued Brackenkopf stands for the territory of the former Markgrafschaft Brandenburg-Bayreuth, the half eagle (Halber Reichsadler) represents the territory of former Imperial Free City of Windsheim and the silver and blue striped Schildfuß represents the former Fürstentum Schwarzenberg.

General Information

County Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim is area-wise today the second largest county of Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia).

Seat of county admin.:   Neustadt an der Aisch
Area (qkm): 1,268.4
Population (2003): 99,768
Inhabitants/qkm: 79

Political Structure

The county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim in its current day size and structure was formed only in 1972 as a consequence of the Bavarian County- and Municipality-Reform.



Baudenbach Hagenbüchach Münchsteinach
Burghaslach Hemmersheim Neuhof an der Zenn
Dachsbach Illesheim Oberickelsheim
Diespeck Ippesheim Obernzenn
Dietersheim Ipsheim Oberscheinfeld
Emskirchen Langenfeld (Mfr.) Simmershofen
Ergersheim Markt Bibart Sugenheim
Gallmersgarten Markt Erlbach Trautskirchen
Gerhardshofen Markt Nordheim Uehlfeld
Gollhofen Markt Taschendorf Weigenheim
Gutenstetten Marktbergel Wilhelmsdorf

Municipality Associations

  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Burgbernheim
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Diespeck
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Emskirchen
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Neuhof an der Zenn
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Scheinfeld
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Uehlfeld
  • Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Uffenheim

Structure before 1972/78

The nowadays county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim was formed in 1972 within the framework of the Bavarian County- and Municipality-Reform. At that time the old county named Neustadt an der Aisch was enlarged with parts of the formerly separate counties: Scheinfeld and Uffenheim and got the new name Landkreis Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim.
The formerly existing separate 185 municipalities were combined to now 38 municipalities; of them 31 additionally formed or became part of one of the nowadays 7 Municipality Associations (Verwaltungsgemeinschaften).

Church Structure

Due to historical reasons the population of county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim is dominantly protestant. Since 1527/28 and the Reformation (1517-1555) the majority of people in this area are Evangelical.


The area of county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim belongs to several Kirchenkreise (church districts) of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria.

Kirchenkreis Nürnberg
Dekanat Neustadt an der Aisch    Kirchengemeinden, Karte und Ortslisten    parishes, maps and list of places
Kirchenkreis Ansbach-Würzburg
Dekanat Bad Windsheim Landkarte,   Pfarreien map of deanery, list of parishes
Dekanat Uffenheim Homepage (see Gemeinden);   Karte homepage (see parishes), map of deanery


Religion of Population (1987)

Religion of population (1987) Population    Roman
Jewish   other
total % % % % %
Bavaria 10,902,643 67 24 0.05 4 5
Middle Franconia 1,521,484 36 54 0.04 5 6
County Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim   85,686 21 75 0.01 1 2

(**) incl. Freikirchen

(Data: 1987, Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung, Genesis online)


The area of nowadays county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim became part of Bavaria only between 1803-1810. Before that the territory consisted a long time of a varied mix of separate sovereign states, Imperial Free Cities and ecclesiastical and secular holdings (this situation is in German also called Kleinstaaterei).
In 1803 after the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss quite a few of these smaller sovereign states, plus Imperial Free Cities (after the Mediatization) and ecclesiastical holdings (after the Säkularisation) in this region lost their sovereignty and were already incorporated into the Electorate of Bavaria.

Yet large parts of this area belonged in the past also to the two sovereign Franconian Markgrafschaften: Margravate Brandenburg-Ansbach and part wise to the Margravate Brandenburg-Bayreuth (the so-called beyond Gebuergs-part). These were from 1792-1806/10 provinces of Prussia and finally became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806 and 1810.
More see:

Relevant for genealogist:

  • After the 30-jährigen Krieg (1618-1648, 30 year-war) the countryside, cities and villages were devastated or completely destroyed, churches were robbed. In some areas more then 50% of the population had died, the cultivation of the fields had stopped, farms and homesteads were empty and devoid of inhabitants.
  • In the following centuries the depopulated countryside filled only slowly once again with people. With people who came from other areas and with people who had to leave their home area due to religious reasons. Especially the protestant ruling Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth took in Exulanten (protestantische Glaubensflüchtlinge, protestant religious refugees) from Austria (see here: Franconia Literature, Exulanten). In the church books of protestant parishes of this timeframe, behind the names is very often the reference aus dem Ländlein ob der Enns or from Austria.
  • After 1685 and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (Edict of Nantes) many French protestants Hugenotten came and populated the devastated areas.
  • The Franconian ruling noble lords were trying to re-populate their territories and to gain new subjects (Untertanen) and so beside Austrian Protestants and French Hugenotten they also made concession for Jews and allowed them settlements within their territories, (e.g. Burghaslach, Sugenheim, Scheinfeld).
  • After WW2 (after 1945) many catholic so-called Sudetendeutschen (Sudeten Germans) settled in this county. At the end of WW2 the Sudeten Germans (as millions of other people from Eastern Europe) were forcefully evicted from their homelands of many centuries (e.g. Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia). The Free State of Bavaria took in a large number of these evicted people, took them under its protection and regards them as the fourth ethnic tribes of Bavaria (see Bavaria, Ethnology, The Fourth Tribe). After 1945 in some areas of county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim the newly settled Sudeten Germans made up nearly 50 % of the original population.

Historical Political Structure

Before 1803/06/10 the area of nowadays county Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim belonged to a variety of separate ruling secular and ecclesiastical entities, e.g. in 1792 to:

  • Markgrafschaft Brandenburg-Ansbach (margravate)
  • Markgrafschaft Brandenburg-Bayreuth (margravate)
  • Hochstift Bamberg (ecclesiastical holding of bishopric)
  • Hochstift Eichstätt (ecclesiastical holding of bishopric)
  • Hochstift Würzburg (ecclesiastical holding of bishopric)
  • der Deutsche Orden (ecclesiastical)
  • Kloster Ebrach (ecclesiastical)
  • Fürstentum Schwarzenberg (principality)
  • Grafschaft Castell (earldom)
  • Reichsfreie Ritterschaft (Imperial knights)
  • freie Reichsstadt Nürnberg (Imperial Free City)
  • freie Reichsstadt Windsheim (Imperial Free City)
  • freie Reichssstadt Rothenburg (Imperial Free City)

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Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

GOV-Id adm_139575
  • Neustadt a. d. Aisch (- 1973-04-30) (deu)
  • Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim (1973-05-01 -) (deu)
  • rural county
external id
  • NUTS1999:DE25A
  • BLO:83
  • NUTS2003:DE25A
web page

TK25: 6429

Superordinate objects

Middle Franconia, Rezatkreis, Mittelfranken ( Kreis administrative district )

Subordinate objects
name type GOV-Id Timespan
Blümleinsmühle hamlet BLUHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Ulsenheim Pfarrdorf ULSEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Bad Windsheim Stadt BADEIMJN59FM
Sugenheim Markt SUGEI1JN59FO
Deutenheim Pfarrdorf DEUEIM_W8531 (1972 -)
Unterntief village UNTIEF_W8532 (1949 -)
Haaghof solitude HAAHOF_W8531 (1949 -)
Kotzenaurach village KOTACH_W8531 (1949 -)
Ullstadt Pfarrdorf ULLADT_W8531 (1972-07-01 -)
Markt Nordheim Markt MAREIMJN59EN (1972 -)
Lachheim village LACEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Gutenstetten municipality GUTTE1JN59HO
Ippesheim Markt object_257256
Rehhof solitude REHHOF_W8531 (1949 -)
Markt Taschendorf Markt MARORFJN59GQ (1972 -)
Hürfeld village HURELDJN59FO (1949 -)
Wiesenmühle solitude WIEHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Neuherberg village NEUERG_W8531 (1949 -)
Scharfeneck castle SCHECKJN59FR (1949 -)
Frankfurt village FRAURT_W8531 (1972 -)
Gerhardshofen municipality GERFE1JN59IP
Dutzenthal hamlet DUTHAL_W8532 (1949 -)
Markt Bibart Markt object_257258 (1972 -)
Krettenbach village KREACH_W8531 (1972 -)
Buchheim Pfarrdorf BUCEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Hombeer village HOMEERJN59HQ (- 1972)
Obersachsen village OBESEN_W8531 (1949 -)
Wiebelsheim village WIEEIM_W8532 (1949 -)
Weimersheim village WEIEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Krautostheim Pfarrdorf KRAEIM_W8531 (1972 -)
Kemmathen hamlet KEMHEN_W8531 (1949 -)
Göttelhöf village GOTHOF_W8531 (1949 -)
Obertaschendorf village OBEORFJN59GQ (- 1972)
Herbolzheim Pfarrdorf HEREIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Holzhausen village HOLSEN_W8531 (1949 -)
Rummelsmühle place RUMHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Klausaurach village KLAACH_W8531 (1949 -)
Altenspeckfeld hamlet ALTELD_W8536 (1972 -)
Emelsdorf hamlet EMEORF_W8531 (1949 -)
Zeisenbronn village ZEIONN_W8533 (1949 - 1972)
Burghöchstadt village BURADT_W8602 (- 1972)
Ermetzhofen Pfarrdorf ERMFEN_W8531 (1949 -)
Ingolstadt village INGADTJN59EO (1972 -)
Mittelmühle solitude MITHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Ipsheim Markt IPSEI1JN59FM
Hoheneck castle HOHECK_W8531 (1949 -)
Rosenbirkach village ROSACH_W8602 (- 1972)
Wildberghof solitude WILHOF_W8531 (1949 -)
Klösmühle solitude KLOHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Wilhelminenberg hamlet WILERG_W8531 (1949 -)
Burgbernheim Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153166
Burgbernheim Stadt BUREIMJN59DK
Holzmühle solitude HOLHLE_W8535 (1949 -)
Humprechtsau village HUMSAU_W8531 (1949 -)
Göttelbrunn solitude GOTUNN_W8531 (1949 -)
Ezelheim Pfarrdorf EZEEIM_W8531 (1972 -)
Mettelaurach village METACH_W8531 (1949 -)
Oberickelsheim municipality object_301059
Neustadt an der Aisch Stadt NEUSCHJN59HN
Dachsbach Markt DACAC1JN59IP
Breitenlohe Pfarrdorf BREOHE_W8602 (- 1972)
Hagenbüchach municipality HAGACHJN59JM
Wilhelmsgreuth village WILUTH_W8531 (1949 -)
Dietersheim municipality DIEEI1JN59GN
Seitenbuch village SEIUCH_W8533 (- 1972)
Trübenbronn hamlet TRUONN_W8535 (1949 -)
Diespeck Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153167
Diespeck municipality DIEEC1JN59HO
Oberfembach village OBEAC4_W8501 (1949 -)
Baudenbach Markt BAUACHJN59GO
Brandhof solitude BRAHOF_W8535 (1949 -)
Mailheim hamlet MAIEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Eichelberg village EICERG_W8531 (1949 -)
Burghaslach Markt object_257259 (1972 -)
Prühl village PRUUHL_W8531 (1972 -)
Wilhelmsdorf municipality WILORFJN59IN (1949 -)
Kellermühle solitude KELHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Simmershofen municipality object_301000
Jobstgreuth village JOBUTH_W8531 (1949 -)
Erlachsmühle hamlet ERLHLE_W8535 (1949 -)
Krassolzheim Pfarrdorf KRAEI1_W8531 (1972 -)
Münchhof village MUNHOF_W8602 (- 1972)
Uehlfeld Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153171
Uehlfeld Markt UEHELDJN59IQ
Häringsmühle village HARHLE_W8531 (1949 -)
Waldhaus solitude WALAUS_W8531 (1949 -)
Weigenheim municipality object_301010
Illesheim municipality ILLEIMJN59EL
Dettendorf village DETORF_W8531 (1949 -)
Mäusberg solitude MAUERG_W8531 (1949 -)
Kaubenheim Pfarrdorf KAUEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Oberntief village OBEIEF_W8532 (1949 -)
Obernzenn Markt OBEEN1JN59FK
Oberscheinfeld Markt OBEEL1JN59FR (1972 -)
Gollhofen municipality object_300978
Hohlweilermühle solitude HOHHLE_W8533 (1949 -)
Thierberg village THIERG_W8533 (1972 -)
Seenheim Pfarrdorf SEEEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Külsheim village KULEIM_W8532 (1949 -)
Ickelheim Pfarrdorf ICKEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Rüdisbronn village RUDONN_W8531 (1949 -)
Hemmersheim municipality object_300983
Erkenbrechtshofen village ERKFEN_W8532 (1949 -)
Markt Erlbach Markt MARACHJN59HL
Traishöchstädt village TRAAD1_W8531 (1949 -)
Windsheim, Bad Windsheim Reichsstadt town Hauptort WINBADJN59FM (1810 -)
Niederndorf village NIEOR1_W8602 (- 1972)
Lerchenhöchstadt hamlet LERADT_W8531 (1949 -)
Oberhöchstädt Pfarrdorf OBEADT_W8531 (1949 -)
Stierhöfstetten Pfarrdorf STITEN_W8531 (1972 -)
Gallmersgarten municipality GALTENJN59DK
Langenfeld municipality LANELDJN59GO
Ergersheim municipality ERGEIMJN59DM
Altselingsbach village ALTACH_W8531 (1949 -)
Neundorf village NEUORF_W8531 (1972 -)
Münchsteinach municipality MUNAC1JN59HP
Scheinfeld Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153170
Scheinfeld Stadt object_218037
Neuhof/Zenn Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153169
Obersteinbach Pfarrdorf OBEAC1_W8531 (1972 -)
Bräuersdorf village BRAORF_W8535 (1949 -)
Oberalbach village OBEAC5_W8531 (1949 -)
Oberambach village OBEACHJN59FQ (- 1972)
Siedelbach village SIEACH_W8531 (1949 -)
Birkach village BIRACHJN59GQ (- 1972)
Lenkersheim place LENEIM_W8531 (1949 -)
Neuhof an der Zenn Markt object_300991
Herpersdorf village HEROR1JN59FQ (1972 -)
Uffenheim Verwaltungsgemeinschaft object_153172
Uffenheim Stadt object_301006
Untersachsen village UNTSEN_W8531 (1949 -)
Trautskirchen municipality TRAHE1JN59HK
Marktbergel Markt MARGE1JN59EK
Ziegelhütte solitude ZIETTE_W8531 (1949 -)
Altziegenrück village ALTUCK_W8531 (1949 -)
Emskirchen Markt EMSHE1JN59IN
Losaurach village LOSACH_W8531 (1949 -)

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