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Hello Friends,

quite often I am being asked how long it takes until new data and editions show up in our Ancestors Database.

Well, folks, things have to be a little organized and it could be quite a mess if everyone could just add and change things in the database...

Here is how it actually works:

Whenever you add new data or edit existing data, you get the message " the information was submitted to the database" and the data is being sent to me via email.

The whole process is highly automated, but it still needs the final 'human' touch. The authenticy of the submitter has to be checked besides a few other things.

Basically, it takes about the same amount of time to enter 10 or 100 data-sets, therefore I try to accumulate a certain amount of them to make it worthwhile..

Therefore, please don't worry when your new data are not showing up in the database within a few hours.. I try to get them in ASAP, unfortunately, in some rare cases it could be even a week... :-((

PLEASE let me know whenever you encounter any problems..

Wolf [Zscheile]

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