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German Genealogy: Dictionaries

Wörterbücher / Dictionaries

1. Genealogische Wörterbücher / Genealogical Dictionaries

  • Thode, Ernst: German-English Genealogical Dictionary
    April 2000 reprint edition; 318 pp.
    Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company; ISBN: 0806313420.
  • Schrader-Muggenthaler, Cornelia: The New Historical Dictionary : German - English Translations, Latin - English Translations
    Published: Munich, Germany, C. Schrader-Muggenthaler, 1991
    [co-author: Sue Watson] 125 pp., 30 cm; currently out-of-print.
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz: Familienkundliches Wörterbuch
    Published: Degener Verlag, Germany, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1992. ISBN: 376861042X
    2. Aufl., 154 pp.
  • Reinhold, Reith: Lexikon des Alten Handwerks Language: German only.
    Title in English: Encyclopedia of Old Handicraft: From the Late Middle Ages to the 20th Century.
    Vom späten Mittelalter bis ins 20. Jahrhundert.
    In alphabetischer Ordnung - vom Bader bis zum Zirkelschmied - stellt dieses Buch 60 der wichtigsten alten Handwerksberufe vor. (Encyclopedia of Sixty Old Handicraft Professions) Verlag C.H.Beck München, 1990, ISBN 3406344704.
  • German Archaic Diseases.
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2. Online Deutsch<->Englische Wörterbücher / Online German-English Translation Dictionaries

3. Andere Online Wörterbücher / Other Online Translation Dictionaries

  • English-Hungarian Dictionary (also Hungarian-English) contains nearly 131,500 records. The project is supported by the Hungarian Free Software Foundation (Szabad Szoftver Alapmtvany -- SSA), and the dictionary database available from Hungarian Electronic Library (Magyar Elektronikus Kvnyvtar -- MEK).
  • See also Yahoo! Reference: Dictionaries: Language

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