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id voyage Dep. Date Dep. Port Arr. Date Arr.Port Captain Passenger List
459 20 Sep. 1849 Hamburg, Germany New York, NY, USA F.A.Heydtmann

Passenger List

  • Source: Allgemeine Auswanderungszeitung (1846-1849), published in Rudolstadt, Thuringia
  • Type of ship: Hamburg packet ship
  • Passenger Total: 90
  • Transcriber: Jackie McCarty

Thanks a lot, Jackie ! Your Help is very much appreciated !

Note of Appreciation

  • Dated Oct 28, 1849, New York
  • Ship "Elbe"
  • Captain Heydtmann

We, the undersigned cabin passengers, here with declare that with regard to praiseworthy direction of the Hamburg-America Packet A.G., we are satisfied with the treatment and food aboard the packet ship Elbe and have no complaints against the captain and crew. To the contrary, we wish to praise Captain Heydtmann[from his treatment]. [Signed]

  • G. Subilia from New York
  • C.W. Dennison from Portland
  • St[ephen] H. Subilia and wife from New York
  • Lisette Blecher from Hamburg
  • [And for the steerage passengers]In the name of all passengers, we state our entire satisfaction

with the treatment and food aboard the packet ship Elbe during the voyae from Hamburg to New York.[Signed]

  • J.W. Jensen from Hamburg
  • F. Kupfer from Coburg
  • J. Dencker from Helgoland
  • R. Bueck from Posen
  • W. Klein from Stadtilm
  • L Beck from Gotha
  • L. Henschel from Hamburg
  • A. Dorn from Gresenberg
  • L. Sandel from Hamburg
  • R. Breite from Kalisch
  • H. Schuette from Hamburg
  • E. Boehme from Dresden
  • C. Mueller
  • A. Haaker from Hamburg
  • N.S. Ahrens from Sternberg
  • C. Linroth from Stralsund
  • C. Klabbatz from Parchim
  • J. Ruziezkoyw[so spelled] from Koenigsberg
  • P. Guttmann from Berlin
  • J. Libnitz from Prague
  • B. Bade from Hamburg
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