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Some of you reported, that they have no sound when visiting the nightschool. OK, folks, let's try to break the sound barriere.

With Internet Explorer make sure, that you have the Flash add-on installed. To check things out, Please click on 'Tools' and then on 'Manage Add-ons' and 'Enable or Disable Add-ons'..

When you go down the list, there should be a Shockwave Flash Object shown..

Is it ??

If NOT, Click on 'Tools' and then on 'Manage Add-ons' and 'Find more Add-ons'..

click on ' Entertainment.. Animation (Flash) Players on the right..

then the first item 'Flash Player by Adobe'.. click on 'Download Now'.. it is FREE

Please go with the instructions, install it and re-start your computer..

Hopefully you have your sound now...

If not, let me know

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