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Simple Introductory Letter

That's what the envelope should look like:

Peter Bauer
            21 Beaver Street
Alexander City,AL35010
Herrn 1

Dieter Bauer
Blumen Weg 10 2
09106 Chemnitz 3


1  change to Frau if it is addressed to a female
2  the street number goes after the street name
3  The postal code goes before the city name

Of course, you have to insert your own data
Please do NOT send all your letters to "Dieter Bauer", it's a fictional name, but he might exist ;-)

And here comes the letter:

Peter Bauer
    21 Beaver Street
Alexander City,AL35010
Lieber Herr1  Bauer !

Mein Name ist  Peter Bauer und ich lebe hier in  Alexander City, Alabama2  , USA.

Mein  Grossvater3   Fritz Bauer ist  1882 von Chemnitz nach Amerika ausgewandert und ich habe grosses Interesse meine Vorfahren in Deutschland finden.
Ich moechte gerne mit Ihnen Verbindung aufnehmen um festzustellen, ob wir eventuell gemeinsame Vorfahren haben.

Ich wuerde mich sehr freuen von Ihnen eine Antwort zu erhalten und ich bedanke mich schon jetzt ganz herzlich dafuer.

Viele Gruesse ueber den Ozean nach "Old Germany",

Peter Bauer


Just insert your own data in place of the brown colored text.
1  change Lieber Herr to Liebe Frau
   if it is addressed to a female.

2  spell out the state name completely.
   Many Germans don't know the abbreviated name.

3  change this to:
   Grossvater for grandfather
   Ur- Grossvater for great- grandfather
   Ur- Ur- Grossvater for great- great- grandfather

And that's the translation:

Peter Bauer
 21 Beaver Street
Alexander City, AL 35010
Dear Mister1  Bauer !

My name is  Peter Bauer and I live here in   Alexander City, Alabama2  , USA.

My  grandfather3   Fritz Bauer  emmigrated 1882 from Chemnitz to America and I would like to find my ancestors in Germany.
I really would like to get in contact with you to find out if we possibly have mutual ancestors.

I would be very happy to get an answer from you and I thank you very much in advance for it.

Many greetings over the Ocean to "Old Germany",

Peter Bauer

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