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Please help us with our GEDCOM-test project.

You should create a special GEDCOM-file with your genealogical software.

It should have the following structure:

A family which consists of:

  • 2 couples of grandparents,
  • 1 couple of parents,
  • 1 son,
  • 1 daughter

Please enter into your program for one person the data of christening with godparents. Please enter for the marriage of the parents also the witness.

Export these data to a GEDCOM file.

Open that file with a text editor and put it with copy and paste into a mail, which you send to or edit a new page with your special program file.


Everybody has the possibility to compare the files from different programs. Also you can try to import the testfiles into your genealogical program. So you can see which kind of problems a data exchange from the other programm can create.


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