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Name and Meaning






Link to another person, describing most likely the same person.

Formal Description of Permissible Values

Base: GEDCOM Standard Draft 5.5.1

The standard allows the use of the tag ALIA only in precisely defined context: It is directly tied to the <INDIVIDUAL_RECORD>, to @Innn@. It can be used as often as you like and only in the form


No sub-tags are allowed.


0 @Innn@
1 ALIA @Immm@
1 ALIA @Iooo@

means: The person described in the recorcd @Innn@ Innn is possibly identical with the person described in @Immm@ and possibly with the person described in @Iooo@.

Agreements for ALIA

The agreements for ALIA are derived from the discussion on the Gedcom-L. They were decided by a vote of the program authors of the list.

Export of ALIA

E1 Permitted Use of ALIA for Export

The tag ALIA may only be used in the individual record ( <INDIVIDUAL_RECORD> )It may be used as often as you like and only in the form


Import of ALIA

I1 Handling of Deviations of the Standard during Import

If the tag ALIA in the GEDCOM file for import is used not according standard, but in the form

n ALIA text

the text may be interpreted as alias name of the person ( This is a quit often deviation of the standard. For a standard complient export by NAME.TYPE aka see aggreement NAME-E11 ). The user should get a warning, if this interpretation is made.

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