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This page is an English extract of the German page GEDCOM/FAMC-Tag [1], for full details see the German page.

Name and Meaning






Identifies the family in which an individual appears as a child.

Formal Description of Permissible Values

Base: GEDCOM Standard Draft 5.5.1

The GEDCOM standard provides following structure for the description of the parent-child relationship, which is stored in the individual record of the child:

n FAMC @<XREF:FAM>@ {1:1}

with the following explanations:

PEDIGREE_LINKAGE_TYPE:= {Size=5:7} [ adopted | birth | foster | sealing ]

A code used to indicate the child to family relationship for pedigree navigation purposes, where:

adopted = indicates adoptive parents.

birth = indicates biological parents.

foster = indicates that the child was in foster care or guardianship.

sealing = indicates that the child was sealed to other than his biological parents.

CHILD_LINKAGE_STATUS:= {Size=1:15} [ challenged | disproven | proven ]

A status code that allows passing on the users opinion of the status of a child to family link.

challenged = Linking this child to this family is suspect, but the linkage has been neither proven nor disproven.

disproven = There has been a claim by some that this child belongs to this family, but the linkage has been disproven.

proven = There has been a claim by some that this child does not belongs to this family, but the linkage has been proven.

Agreements for FAMC

The agreements for FAMC are derived from the discussion on the Gedcom-L. They were decided by a vote of the program authors of the list.

F1 Child-Parent Relation

The child-parent relationship is established both by the tag CHIL in the family record and by the tag FAMC in the individual record. For further details, in particular the nature of this relationship, is made exclusively in the individual record by means of the tags PEDI, STAT and the note structure. PEDI and STAT may only take exactly the values specified in the GEDCOM standard:

  • PEDI := [ adopted | birth | foster | sealing ]
  • STAT := [ challenged | disproven | proven ]

F2 Handling PEDI

The classification of a child-parent relationship by PEDI may only be done by the user. It is not allowed, to replace a missing statement of PEDI by the user during the export by

  • 2 PEDI birth

even if this would properly describe the assignment in most cases.

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