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This page is an English extract of the German page GEDCOM/SUBM-Tag [1], for full details see the German page.

Name and Meaning






An individual or organization who contributes genealogical data to a file or transfers it to someone else.

Formal Description of Permissible Values

Base: GEDCOM Standard Draft 5.5.1

Aussagen des GEDCOM Standards 5.5.1 zu SUBM

The submitter record identifies an individual or organization that contributed information contained in the GEDCOM transmission. All records in the transmission are assumed to be submitted by the SUBMITTER referenced in the HEADer, unless a SUBMitter reference inside a specific record points at a different SUBMITTER record.

The tag SUBM will be used according to standard to identify the sender of data. It must be present once in the header of a GEDCOM file and points there to the proper SUBM record.

The standard allows beside the use in the header also the wider use of SUBM tags to point to the submitter of certain data.

Use in Header

In the header of a file the tag SUBM is used as follows:

n HEAD {1:1}
+1 SUBM @<XREF:SUBM>@ {1:1}

SUBM therefore must be used exactly once and referencing a SUBMITTER_RECORD, which is constructed as follows:

n @<XREF:SUBM>@ SUBM {1:1}
+1 <<CHANGE_DATE>> {0:1}

The submitter record must contain the name of the author. It may contain other information, such as address ( ADDR ), files ( OBJE ), a reference to the preferred language ( LANG ), identifiers of the SUBM record ( RFN, RIN ), notes ( NOTE ) and a change date ( CHAN ).

Use of SUBM Records

In a GEDCOM file as many SUBM records {1:M} can be used. To exactly one of them the tag SUBM refers in the header. The GEDCOM standard defines: "It is assumed that all records of a submission compiled by the authors mentioned in the file header, unless it is referenced within individual records by SUBM to another author record."

Each individual record and each family record may be assigned ( at the top level 1 ) any number {0:M} of SUBM references. This then identify the author of this record. Furthermore, the authors record can be cited once in the submission record ( SUBN ).

Besides SUBM following tags may point to a submitter record:

ANCI @<XREF:SUBM<@         /* Indicates an interest in additional research for ancestors of this individual */
DESI @<XREF:SUBM<@         /* Indicates an interest in research to identify additional descendants of this individual. */

Example from the Standard

RELATION_IS_DESCRIPTOR:= {Size=1:25} (“Beziehung ist” Beschreibung) 
Ein Wort oder Phrase, die die Beziehung von Objekt 1 zu Objekt 2 beschreibt. 
Beispielsweise würde das folgende als „Joe Jacob’s Urenkel ist der Verfasser, auf den @XREF:SUBM@ verweist“:
1 NAME Joe /Jacob/ 
2 RELA Urenkel

Hinweis: Dieses Beispiel widerspricht der expliziten Grammatik des GEDCOM-Standards, der hier also widersprüchlich ist. Die explizite Grammatik des Standards sieht vor, dass unter ASSO ausschließlich Personen-Datensätze, und keine anderen Datensätze stehen. Also auch kein Verfasser-Datensatz wie im Beispiel gezeigt.

Agreements for SUBM

The agreements for SUBM are derived from the discussion on the Gedcom-L. They were decided by a vote of the program authors of the list.

E1 SUBM in the Header and Other Records of a GEDCOM file

Each export to a GEDCOM file must at least include a submitter record ( SUBM ), which is referenced in the header of the file by the tag SUBM. This record describes the submitter of the file. The tag SUBM may also be exported in individual and family records ( only as level 1 ) and point to the submitter of the file or the records. Into other records except HEAD, INDI and FAM the tag SUBM may not be exported.

E2 Missing Submitter Data

It is recommended in case of missing submitter information to ask the user to input the submitter data prior to its export. Specifies the user no data, it is recommended to export NAME UNKNOWN in the SUBM record.

E3 References by ANCI and DESI to Submitter Records

The tags ANCI and DESI may be used only in individual records to refer to by a pointer to a submitter record. They show that the author described in the submitter record has an interest in the ancestors ( ANCI ), or to the descendants ( DESI ) of this individual. It is not allowed to export plain text behind ANCI or DESI.

E4 Relation between ASSO and SUBM

It is agreed, that at export ASSO never may be used to refer to a submitter record. Thus, the explicit grammar is followed as described by GEDCOM standard 5.5.1 for ASSO. The example shown in the same standard with a pointer to a submitter record by ASSO must not be used.

E5 Extend of Exported Information for Submitters

The submitter record, used at the header of the GEDCOM file, must at least have the name of the submitter. It is recommended to give the user the option to decide to what extent other information such as its address, telephone, fax and email should be exported.

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