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This page is an English extract of the German page GEDCOM/TODO-Tag [1], for full details see the German page.

Name and Meaning






Contains the description of still to be completed or already completed tasks.

Formal Description of Permissible Values

Base: GEDCOM Standard Draft 5.5.1

This description contains information about the use of the user-defined tag _TODO. An explicit representation is not included in the GEDCOM 5.5.1 standard.

Currently this discussion just started. There are only proposals and no agreements made.

Decision Proposals for Agreements to _TODO

E1 Syntax of _TODO

The structure used for the description of tasks is introduced via the user-defined tag _TODO. The tag _TODO may be used as often as {0: M} in individual records [in clarification: and in family records] at level 1.

Its components are:

1 _TODO {0:M}
2 DESC <description> {1:1}
2 _CAT <category> {0:1}
2 _PRTY <priority> {0:1}
2 TYPE <type of todo> {0:1}
2 DATE <date of creating the todo> {0:1}
2 NOTE <details of problem> {0:1}
3 CONT <details of problem> {0:1}
2 DATA <details of solution> {0:1}
3 CONT <details of solution> {0:1}
2 STAT <status> {0:1}
2 _CDATE <date when completing the todo> {0:1}
2 _RDATE <reminder date> {0:1}
2 REPO <XREF:REPO> {0:1}
2 _UID <GUID> {0:M}

The contents are defined as follows:

<description> := single-line text field, Description of the task

<category> := single-line text field, Category ( for classification of tasks )

<priority> := integer 0 to 8, Priority, defined values: 0 = high, 5 = medium, 8 = low

<type of todo> := integer 0 to 2, Type of task, 0=Research 1=Correspondence 2=Others

<date of creating the todo> := Creation date, Format see Standard Case DATE.

<details of problem> := text field, detailed presentation of the task

<details of solution> := text field, detailed presentation of the decision ans solution

<status> := Status, by values [ open | completed | auto ] ( "auto" = created by the program )

<date when completing the todo> := completion date, Format see Standard Case DATE.

<reminder date> := Reminder date, Format see Standard Case DATE.

<XREF:REPO> := pointer to the repository record

<GUID> := unique, universal identification number

E2 Handling of Content subordinated to _TODO

The tag _TODO itself carries no content ( this would be ignored at import into the programs Legacy, Brother's Keeper, etc ). It is recommended to treat at import found content of _TODO as description and to export it as _TODO.DESC.

Agreements for _TODO

The agreements for _TODO are derived from the discussion on the Gedcom-L. They were decided by a vote of the program authors of the list.


Export of _TODO


Import of _TODO


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