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Digging for peat in Galsdon Joneiten



Galsdon Joneiten, County Tilsit, East Prussia.


View on the Russ-river seen from Galsdon Joneiten

Other Names and Spellings

Lit. names: Galsdonai[6], Galzdonai[7]

Meaning of the name

The name refers to the son (ending-eit) of the founder of the village Jon(Johann) with the addition of Galzdunas.

  • lit."galzdunas" = a big ugly figure

General Information

  • Village, 19,5 km southeast of Heydekrug, north of the river Ruß , 1939: 343 inhabitants[8]
  • in 1785: 18 "hearths"=farms[9]
  • in 1818: 18 "hearths", 135 souls=people[10]

Political Structure

In 1785 a royal country village [11]
In 1818: Galsdon Joneiten,a country village in the Domaine Winge, County Niederung[12]
In1.1.1836: the parish of Plaschken and therefore Galsdon Joneiten became part of County Tilsit[13]
On 1.5.1939: Name of the new municipality: Galsdon Joneiten. The new municipality was formed from the old municipalities of: Galsdon Joneiten, Klein Karzewischken, Kubsteningken, Schauditten[14] On 1.10.1939: Galsdon Joneiten becomes part of County Heydekrug [15]

Church Structure

Evangelical Church

In 1785[16] and in 1912 Galsdon Joneiten `belonged to the parish of Plaschken.



The school of Galsdon Joneiten presumably in the 1930s

The school in Galsdon Joneiten was founded in 1848 .

Schoolphoto- Galsdon Joneiten from 1927
The 5th boy in front on the left side (above the "G") was Bruno Peldszus on his first day of school, *1920 +1930. He died under the ice of the Memel .
Schoolphoto- Galsdon Joneiten from 1931
The boy in the 3rd row with the hand on his shoulder and the dot on his right chest was Kurt Peldszus.
  • Does anyone know other people in this photo and can tell us their names?


In 1733 Galsdon Joneiten was separated from the wilderness Pleine. On July 3rd the fishing rights on the river Ruß were given by the department of Winge, to the municipality of Joneiten. 18 owners signed the treaty (by marking with a cross).
In the year 1848 the village opened a school in a clay built building.[17]


From Groß Schilleningken (Šilininkai) to Plaškai (Plaschken) you turn right into a track across the fields. Next to a farm at the end of the track you can find the ethnographical cemetery in the middle of meadowland. It is well-kept.

The cemetery can be found near to this farmhouse (the former inn Reinhold Palm)

Annelie Stöllger kindly donated the photos in October 2011.



Galsdun Joneiten on Schroetterkarte page 12, (1796-1802), scale 1:50 000
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
See down on the right Joneiten on Schroetter Karte 1802, scale 1: 160 000

Galsdon Joneiten on Preußischen Urmesstischblatt 1861
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Galsdon Joneiten and surroundings on Preußischen Urmesstischblatt No. 63, 1861
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Galsdon Joneiten on Messtischblatt 0795 Uszlöknen, 0895 Kuckerneese (1912-1940) with the municipal boundaries of 1938
© Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie
Sketch from list of inhabitants from the 1950s Galsdon Joneiten (c) Bundesarchiv

Chance Discoveries

Often people, who were not born locally in the area, are found mentioned in church books or other archive source material of a place. These findings are chance discoveries. Such findings are sometimes the only opportunity to break through the Brick Wall in research. On the following page you can add chance discoveries related to this place or even find one for yourself.

Private Sources of Information and Offers of Help with Research

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Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

  • Galsdon-Joneiten Source Wohnplatz 37.33 (deu)
  • Galsdonai (1923) Source page 1091 (lit)
  • Galzdonai (2001) Source Galzdonai (lit)
  • settlement (- 1945)
  • village (1945 -) Source Galzdonai
  • 66131
external id
  • nima:-2614219
  • geonames:599518

TK25: 0895

Superordinate objects

Tilsit (Maria Himmelfahrt), Tilsit (1907) ( parish ) Source S.294/295

Heydekrug (lit. Kreis [1945 - 1950]), Rajongemeinde Šilutė [1950-], Šilutės rajonas, Šilutės rajono savivaldybė (2011) ( rural county municipality ) Source

Galsdon-Joneiten, Galsdonai (- 1945) ( rural municipality municipality ) Source Source

Plaschken (1907) ( parish ) Source S.294/295


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