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  • Statement :
  • Dated Dec 5,1848,Antwerp
  • We,the undersigned emigrants,…. Hereby state our satisfaction with the services[of various travel
  • agents in Germany] who have arranged our transportation to New York aboard the American ship "SHAKSPEARE"
  • Signed by:
  • Heinrich HAERTER from Waldengelbach
  • Jakob KNUESLI from Leimbach
  • Johann OEHLER from Botenheim
  • Christian GRAETER from Tuebingen
  • Ludwig MAYER from Hebengehren
  • Friedrich RENK from Fellbach
  • Christian MORIO from Massweiler
  • Wolf SCHLOSS from Fulda
  • Helene JUEDELL from Fulda
  • Isaak JUEDELL from Fulda
  • F STRAUS from Vilbel [now Bad Vilbel]
  • Chr[istian] EICHMANN from Worms
  • Louis RASCHER from Worms
  • Andr[eas] SCHEUERMANN from Langenschwalbach
  • Johannes FRESSER from Frielsheim
  • Jean EDUARDT from Frielsheim
  • Johannes FRESSER from Frielsheim
  • Fr[iedrich] GANSLEN from Nuertingen
  • Carl KURFISS from Vayhingen[Vaihingen]
  • Caroline EGER from Mainz
  • This might be Johann Friedrich REICK(emigrated in 1846) or Michael Friedrich REICK (emigrated in 1849)

listed in Clifford Neal Smith. Emigrants from Fellbach (Baden-Wuetttemberg, Germany) 1735-1930. German- American Genealogical Research Monograph No 14(McNeal, AZ Westland Publication, 1984

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