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How about German cemeteries?

File:Plauen cemetery.jpg
Plauen Cemetery

German cemeteries are not as useful for genealogical purpose as those in the US. Normally gravesites are leased for 20-25 years, after which they may be renewed or usually revert to the cemetery owner (church or town) and are reused. Some gravesites are sold to a family and used for generations, but even then the site is reused within the family. Some gravestones of historic importance are retained for the long term. Gravesites are maintained by the families. Sometimes cemeteries are converted to parks, but retain their cemeterial nature. Graves in 20th-century military cemeteries are not reused, but are maintained by a commission as a reminder of the honor of soldiers and the horror of war.

The picture shows a sample where the tombstones end up..

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