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This is the new new homepage for our Germany-Passenger-Lists mail list. Please keep visiting. All ideas, contributions and suggestions are welcomed. Come on board!

Joining the mail list can be done the easy way...with just an email

  • To Subcribe to the GERMANY-PASSENGER-LISTS
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  • GERMANY-PASSENGER-LISTS click Unsubscribe here
  • If you prefer the Mime format click here
    • The default for digests is plain text. If you'd like to receive G-P-L Email Messages in Mime format, the Administrator will uncheck "plain text" for your subscription. Not all Internet Service Providers (eg. aol) support this format.
  • For further information regarding the subscription process please review Mail List Facts

The database of our Mail List, Ships, and Passenger Records have become active once again.

Anyone interested in transcribing Passenger Lists ??

ANY HELP is much appreciated !! There are ship manifests which need to be transcribed or need that final touch of proof reading.

We have lots of lists available for transcription. Below you will see some samples of Passenger lists to give you an idea what they look like. If you are interested in transcribing, PLEASE let me know and I will assign a list for you. Then you can download the images at your pace from the internet.

We have created and organized a great group of volunteers! They are dedicated to providing free passenger lists on the Internet.
This project is alive and growing. Won't you join us?

If you are in the possession of any passengerlists, please donate them to us and we will all have the benefits of it.

Helpful Tips

  • Need to know more about reading old German Script ? Here is a good Website showing a few different fonts. You may download and print them out.
  • To test your knowledge try reading the old Script. Here is a Sample. Are you able to read everything ? ;-))

Ancestors Database

  • Finally, we invite you to visit and participate in our Ancestors Database at any time here. After entering your ancestral lineage you may encounter the following issue: I entered and/or edited my data, however the information is not showing in the database. Why? Answer.

We now have our own mailing list, want to join ?? GERMANY-PASSENGER-LISTS

NEW In the future we will show all available scans of Passenger Lists on this page. You can look up the data in our database and if you have any doubts about the transcription, you can see a copy of the actual manifest here.

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