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How do I find an address or phone number?

For German phone numbers, the best resources are CD-ROMs or the DeTeMedien website.

Telefonbuch für Deutschland, PC/Mac/Linux.
PowerInfo Auskunft 2001, Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.
D-Info 2001, Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP.

For Austria, three CD-ROM listings are available:

  • Herold ATB CD - expensive and limited retrieval methods
  • O-Info - ATS 299, similar to the Herold edition
  • A-Info - ATS 299 and very flexible

and a website at

For Switzerland, try the online directory at and Several CD-ROM listings are also available: Telecom CD (PC), TwixTel/lite (PC), and Quick 111 (Mac).

French (including Alsace-Lorraine) addresses and telephone numbers can be had at Enter the following département numbers:

     Alsace (Elsass)          Lorraine (Lothringen)
       67      Bas-Rhin         54      Meurthe-et-Moselle
       68      Haut-Rhin        55      Meuse
                                57      Moselle
                                88      Vosges

For the Netherlands (Holland), try:

US addresses and telephone numbers can be found at There are also many online directories at

How do I find German postal codes?

German postal codes (Postleitzahl or PLZ, equivalent to US zip codes) are available on the Internet from and They are also listed in German postal code books. For towns with only one postal code, you can also consult the Michelin red guide, the RV Autoatlas, or Arthur Teschler's geographical server.

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