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Northern Bohemian Glassworks Master Martin Friedrich the Younger and his Family (about 1596).
Northern Bohemia still retains some secrets! For centuries they have lain dormant in the native soil. Now Czech archaeologists have brought them to light. It was German pioneers of glass-manufacturing who cleared woodland in the Lusatian Mountains around the year 1250 and built glassworks, also known as glass huts.

From as early as 750 years ago, the shadowy picture of the oldest German-Bohemian glass-maker family Friedrich emerges, who contributed greatly towards the creation of the world-famous "Bohemian glass". In pre-Hussite times they produced amazing works of vitreous art near Daubitz, nowadays called Doubice. During the 16th and 17th centuries, as a result of the family’s development of their glass factory in Oberkreibitz, today Horní Chribská, Bohemian glass art enjoyed its first heyday.

The expansion of this glass-maker family over many European countries is unparalleled. Its hut master dynasties made glass history in Bohemia, Silesia, Austria, Tyrol and Slovenia. Its glass-makers proved their artistic skills and technological experience in Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Styria, Slovakia, Croatia and so on. The well-known glass artist Friedrich Egermann also ranked among the family’s descendants.


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