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German Pronunciation

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About the pronunciation of the German "ie" Here is an example:

Bier = Beer Hier = here

Re: "ei" Beier = Byer Beyer = Byer Bayer = Byer Baier = Byer

What about the German pronunciation of "ch" and "sch"? As in Michel and Mischel.

Re: "ch" Michel = no English equivalent for the gutteral "ch" - Americans end up saying "Mickel" or "Mitchel" or as in the German State of: "Sachsen" where the "ch" is pronounced as "x" similar as in the English word "Saxony".

Re: "sch" as in the German word for sheep: Schaf = pronounced "Shaf", regardless whether the word is spelled with one "a" or two "aa".

Remember there is no "th" sound in the German language as the "h" is silent; Example: Neanderthal = pronounced "Neandertal".

A family handing down a name from the distant past which they pronounced "Meesh-ler" could possibly be spelt "Mieschler"?

The letter "W" is pronounced like the letter "V" in German.

Does the "J" and the "H" also have the same3 sound?

J" sounds like "Y". J├Ąger (hunter) sounds like yea-ger.

"H" has the same sound as in English. Vater (Father) is pronounced Fah-ter.

The "V" can be pronounced like "F". The German word "verkehrt" meaning "wrong" is pronounced "ferr-keahrt".

Question - there are English equivalents of German names ? For example Theobald is equivalent to Phillip.

Good website for that:

....Baerbel [pronounced kind of like "unbearable" without the "Un" is a German form of Barbara...

Found two more: (you can go for German too)

Use the English Flag in the the red bar. > > or >

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