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Origin and Meaning

Hlavensky an origin Czech (Bohemian) name.

There are two reason of explanation:

1. Name of place were they are from: Hlavno, see here

2. A forefather was a head (hlawa) of a military group or community

Name variation

Various spells are: Hlawensky, Hlawenski, Hlavenski. In a church register from Bärnsdorf, lutheran parochie of Castle Moritzburg, Saxony, name was written in German phonetics: Hlawentzki.

Also in origin documents in Czech the name changed from Hlawensky to Hlavensky.

Two relatives who emigrated to US (1913 and 1923) and settled in Wausau, WI, changed their name to LAWEN.

All known related names to this name see here [1]

Hompage [2]

Geographical Distribution and allocation of the name


This map was produced with the help of the onlince service Geogen from Christoph Stöpel [3] and is under Creative Common License, that means: the usage and transmission of this map is permitted among adherence of the there mentioned terms of license.

There are some living in Germany and Brazil. In US no male descendents, name erased. Until now no knowledge of the name at his origin place in Czech.

For more then 200 years the family owned a house in Čečelice (map here)

They were also located in Byscice, next town of Čečelice:

Image:Bysice_Town_Hall.jpg Image:Bysice_Hauptstraße.jpg

This pictures shows the Mainstreet with Town Hall (entry under balcony with flags). In earlier times (end of 19th century) there was a pub/inn and/or hotel in the neighbour house (balcony on thick columns). The owner was Václav Hlavensky, also a son of Matéj Hlavensky from Čečelice.



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