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On October,16th 2004 a sailingship was taking off in Bremerhaven to sail to the "New world" with 18 sailors on board. It was a replica exactly like it was in 1854 and the German TV is following all along and they will create a TV series about it, airing this spring. More information in English here:

Now, after 68 days at sea the journey has been completed, with, of course, some problems and the Bremen landed on Dec-23-2004 on Pier 17 in the Southstreet Seaport in New York, according to the Weser- Kourier Newspaper.

It's probably still there, anyone living in the area and able to get some pictures of it?

The Weser- Kourier had a nice report in their Dec-24-04 edition, however, unfortunately, it's only for our german- speaking/ reading friends, unless someone is willing/ able to do a translation....;-)

Click on the picture to see the whole report

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