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Kerkelbeck in 1540

  • Andusch, Bartell, Baygell, Bergenn, Beyer, Bottiger
  • Daps, Drauweck, Dreher, Fastlobendt, Justup
  • Kaup, Kesselbusser, Klaußell, Kleyn, Klub oder Kiup, Koycke, Kringell, Krygell, Kursch
  • Latz, Lauryn, Lux, Lybitt, Mere, Naude, Perkam, Perkam, Perkun, Pleb, Pyke
  • Reuter, Rimke, Rymeck, Santyck, Scham, Schlanek, Schlubs, Schmidt, Schreyber
  • Schwill, Spalne, Staker, Strubbe, Stupe, Stuppe, Syrnikall, Szibill, Szißke
  • Trenkay, Trumkay, Trumpkay, Tydtke, Weske, Wygantt, Wyttolentz, Wyttolt, Zeryn

Hoppen Michel in 1647

  • In 1647 The 8/4/1647 the" Strandreiter" (beach rider- a kind of policeman) Michel Hopp got 1 Hufe and 24 Morgen (measurements for estates) in kölmischen law. This is the origin of the place Hoppen Michel.
  • In 1758 Peter Kursch (18 Morgen), Daniel Einahr (13 Morgen), Jurge Mohr (13 Morgen) and Christoph Ziepa (9 Morgen). Together 1 Hufe and 24 Morgen [1].

Frischgesell Hanß and Wirschk Hanß in 1659

The property Frischgesell Hanß (see political structure) is mentioned by Hans Frischgesell, who gets Adam Erasmi`s property in 1659, but didn`t pay the taxes and "disappeared". Later (12/5/1675) Capitain Albrecht Petersohn gets the property and is mentioned in 1685.

  • In 1736 Martin Mohr lives in Frischgesell Hanß . [2]
  • In 1736 Wirschk Hanß is also run by a Martin Mohr.

Farms in 1863

  • Alvikgale, Brenziagale, Dumbragale, Gaigale, Lapsgale, Mikeliai, Miestegale, Steponagale, Tydikgale, Vinkogale, Viskogale


  • "gale" = a piece of a field (Before cultivating the land it was divided into small parts and raffled.Those who won a part of the country were called Losmann . The agricultural areas were too small for a family so that the" Losmann" needed an additional job.)

Inhabitants in the Local Heritage Book Memelland

The following families and persons lived here or had relations to the place:


  1. Johannes Sembritzgi, Geschichte des Kreis Memel, Memel 1918 1969, a history of the County Memel
  2. Amtsbauern und Cölmer um 1736 im nördlichen Ostpreußen, Kenkel, Hamburg 2. Auflage 1995 , farmers in Northern East Prussia around 1736
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