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General Information

A Kirchenkreis (church district) consists of several deaneries (Dekanate/Dekanatsbezirke). A deanery is formed up by several parishes (Kirchengemeinden) together. An ecclesiastical church district in Bavaria is area-wise a bit comparable to a political administrative district (Regierungsbezirk) and a deanery a bit comparable to something like a political county (Landkreis), yet - in most cases area-wise ecclesiastical and political territories are not congruent.
The ecclesiastical organization of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria - church district, deanery, parish - (Kirchenkreis, Dekanat, Kirchengemeinde) is mostly not identical to the political organization of Bavaria - administrative district, county, municipality - (Regierungsbezirk, Landkreis, Gemeinde).

Church District (Bavaria, ev.-luth. Kirchenkreis)

The Kirchenkreis München (church district) consists of these Dekanaten:
(Date: 2004)

located in
administrative district (political)
1 Dekanat Bad Tölz Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
2 Dekanat Freising Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
3 Dekanat Fürstenfeldbruck Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
4 Dekanat München mit 7 Prodekanen      Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
5 Dekanat Rosenheim Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
6 Dekanat Traunstein Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)
7 Dekanat Weilheim in Oberbayern Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria)

History of the Church District (Bavaria, ev.-luth.)


Church Book Archives (Bavaria, ev.-luth.)



Official Websites

Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

GOV-Id object_215472
  • München (deu)
  • Kirchenkreis (1921 -)
  • lu
web page

TK25: 7833

Superordinate objects

Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche in Bayern rechts des Rheins, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern (1921 -) ( national church )

Subordinate objects
name type GOV-Id Timespan
Passau deanery object_150990 (1948-11-01 - 1951)
Nördlingen deanery object_150963 (- 1971-06-30)
Landshut deanery object_150953 (1949-04-01 - 1951)
Freising deanery object_150973 (1998-07-01 -)
München I, München deanery object_150959 (1921 -)
Memmingen deanery object_150954 (- 1971-06-30)
Harburg, Ebermergen, Donauwörth deanery object_215474 (- 1971-06-30)
Leipheim, Neu-Ulm deanery object_150947 (- 1971-06-30)
Weilheim i. OB deanery object_150989 (1948-10-01 -)
München II, Ingolstadt deanery object_150941 (1915-01-01 - 1971-06-30)
Rosenheim deanery object_150969 (1932-11-30 -)
Oettingen i. Bay. deanery object_150965 (- 1971-06-30)
Fürstenfeldbruck deanery object_150979 (1977-01-01 -)
Regensburg deanery object_150968 (1921 - 1951)
Kempten deanery object_150943 (- 1971-06-30)
Augsburg deanery object_150924 (- 1971-06-30)
Traunstein deanery object_150957 (1948 -)
Bad Tölz deanery object_150971 (1997-10-15 -)
Bad Tölz deanery object_1177059 (1997-10-15 -)
Bad Tölz parish object_1177063 (1922 - 1932-11-29)

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