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Klein Kurschen
Klein Kurschen on map of the Memelland


Klein Kurschen, County Memel, East Prussia.

Klein Kurschen, in 1687 Thaleigke Hingke Chursch, Kurschen Hincke, Hincke Kurschen, Kursche Hincke Tholeike, Chursch Hincke Taleick, Inken Kurschen, Kurschellen, County Memel, East Prussia.


The name refers to Curonian settlement.

  • Lithuanian "kuršis" = Curonian, fisher on the Haff

Political Structure

In 1940 Klein Kurschen is a village in the municipality Szimken.

Church Structure

Evangelical Church

In 1888 and 1912 Klein Kurschen belonged to the parish of Deutsch Crottingen.

Catholic Church

In 1907 Klein Kurschen belonged to the Catholic parish of Memel.

Civil Registration

In 1888 and 1907 Klein Kurschen belonged to the civil registration of Truschellen.




Klein Kurschen on Schroetterkarte (1796-1802) 1:50 000
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Schroetter map 1802, scale 1: 160 000

Klein Kurschen on Preußischen Urmesstischblatt 1860
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Klein Kurschen on Messtischblatt 0193 Dtsch.Crottingen (1912) and 0293 Plicken (1912-1940) with the municipal boundaries of 1938
© Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie
Town sketch of the former inhabitants list of Szimken in the 1950s , (c) Bundesarchiv

Chance Discoveries

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Private Sources of Information and Offers of Help with Research

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Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

  • Klein Kurschen Source Wohnplatz 21.89 (deu)
  • Kuršeliai (1923) Source page 1087 (lit)
  • settlement
  • 66132

TK25: 0193

Superordinate objects

Memel (Hlste. Dreifaltigkeit), Klaipėda, Memel (1907) ( parish ) Source S.156/157

Klein Kurschen, Kuršeliai (- 1939-04-30) ( rural municipality ) Source Source

Deutsch-Crottingen (1907) ( parish ) Source S.156/157

Szimken, Šimkai (1939-05-01 -) ( rural municipality municipality ) Source

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