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Altar in the Johanniskirche.
  • Generalsuperintendent Otto Obereigner
  • Konsistorialrat Ernst Ribbat
  • Pfarrer Lic. Erich Riedesel
  • Jugendpfarrer Alfred Blaesner


Altar of the Johanniskirche
Confirmation document from the
St. Johannis-Gemeinde from 1913

Most of the original church books still exist in Berlin (Evangelisches Zentralarchiv Berlin). Some of them are still on films of the" Reichsippenamtes", today in Leipzig (Sächsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig). The Mormons "Mormonen" also have films.

There were several parishes so some years overlap. Below is a summary:

  • Baptism 1614-1944 with gaps
  • Confirmation 1817-1944 with gaps
  • Banns 1932-1941
  • Marriages 1614-1944 with gaps
  • Deaths 1685-1944 with gaps


Drawing around 1650 about the fiscal division of the area Althof
Red: Old location 1 = Dom St. Marien; 2 = Landkirche St. Nikolai; 3 = Stadtkirche St. Johannis. Green: New location 4 = Stadtkirche St. Johannis; 5 = Landkirche St. Nikolai (later St.Jakobi); 6 = Reformierte Kirche; 7 = Katholische Kirche. Blue: The old Dange with ditch of the mill


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