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Estate around 1920



Miszeiken, Memel County, East Prussia.


Miszeiken, also Mieszeicken and Mißeiken, Memel County, East Prussia.

General Information

Mißeiken, Estate and railwaystation, 8 km southeast of Memel, on the Schmelz (river), with a forge, 293 inhabitants (in 1939). Lith. name: Mizeikiai. Founded in 1639.

  • Old names:
    • Miszeigcken after 1754
    • Mieszeigken after 1785
    • Miszeiken after 1895
    • Mischeiken after 1912 [1]

Adjacent Places

To the cöllm. Guth Miszeiken adjacent places
To the east: Gerge Prußen = Jurgen Prussen
To the south: Niklaus Skrandel
To the west: Niklaus Narkus?
To the north: Luszen


Political Structure

In 1785 Miszeiken is a "köllmisch" estate
In 1785 Miszeiken belonged to the Amt Althof
In 1916 Miszeiken is a district of an estate
In 1940 Miszeiken is a municipality with the estates Jacken and Miszeiken, Vorwerk Szilluppen and the village Schuszeiken Jahn.

Church Structure

Evangelical Church

In 1888 and 1912 Miszeiken belonged to the Memel countryside parish.

Catholic Church

In 1888 and 1912 Miszeiken belonged to the catholic parish of Memel.

Civil Registration

In 1888 and 1912 Miszeiken belonged to the civil registration district of Buddelkehmen.


Christoff Zidmern Hoff on Carte des terres devant le Curis H [affe] [de] cote du Memmel, ca. 1670, 1:55 000, Sign. N 11999/50
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Walter Karl von Schulze
Elisabeth Helene von Schulze born Frentzel
  • in 1639: The mayor Jakob Copius asked the Elector Georg Wilhelm to lend him three deserted farms in the Memel area and he got them the 26/2/1639 with "köllmisch" rights.The area was 5 Hufe 7 Morgen large.
  • in 1641: The 4/7/1641 he also got an inn near his farm with "köllmisch" rights.He received a certification about this treaty from the king of Poland, Wladislaus IV. (12/4/1645).
  • in 1644: The 16/11/1644 Jakob Copius got another inn "Krug zum halben Mond" in kleine Vitte near Memel and 10 Morgen in Hinterschmelz. He bought all this from Hans Flügels Erben with "köllmisch" rights.
  • in 1676: From 1676 till 1685 Christoph Zidmer is the owner of Mißeiken and Jacken .
  • in 1693: His widow Sophie born Löbel married in 1693 the jurist Friedlieb Lepner, who owned Mißeiken and Jacken, with "köllmisch" rights, and 28 Mo. land on the Schmelz, belonging to the inn in Vitte, an inn near his farm and another one near the city on the Vitte.
  • in 1696: The 28/1/1696 it was sold for 10000 Fl.poln. to the former tenant of Deutsch Crottingen, Jacob Georg von Vietinghoff called Scheel ,who had problems with his debts.
  • in 1702: the 24/6/1702 he pawned Mißeiken for three years to the Curonian marshall Joh. Gerhard Manteuffel called Szoege and his wife Eleornore born Baronesse von Kettler.
  • in 1705: The 3/9/1705 von Vietinghoff sold the estate to the Wildnißbereiter Johann Christoph Böckel for 12000 Fl.poln., after a treaty was not signed by Heinrich von Lieven and his wife Anna Katharina von Koschkull the 26/12/1704 .
  • in 1713: In 1713 the Wildnißbereiter Christian Gabriel Mülich from Stragna and his wife Judith born Gettkant bought it.
  • in 1734: Mülich sold it the 13/5/1734 for 9000 Gulden poln. to the Capitain Friedrich Casimir von Grotthus and his wife Christine Anna, born von Vietinghoff called Scheel.
  • in 1740: The 1/9/1740 they sold the estate to George Christoph von Tiefenhausen, who had married their daughter Dorothea Elisabeth . The king gave v. Tiefenhausen and the following owners of Mißeiken adlig(for the nobility)-"kölmische" rights and to pronounce judgement on his people -except for criminal law.(14/9/ 1745).Those rights had to be given back (19/7/1773) because the next owner was not from the nobility, although e.g.. Adlig Crottingen and Corallischken were in a commoner`s hand.
  • in 1755: In March 1755 von Tiefenhausen sold his inn „der halbe Mond“ to the inspector for mills Voigdt.
  • In the Seven-Years`War the estate suffered a lot. Von Tiefenhausen died the 26/12/ 1757 in Garsden, where he had fled to.The estate (17 Hufen 26 Mo.) was totally ruined, so that they did not have enough bread and taxes could not be paid.
  • in 1763 the estate was burnt, the new owner was Leutnant George Sigismund von Tiefenhausen. As a colonel he married, between 30 and 35 years old,in 1766 Louisa Charlotte von Rummel , 59 years old.
  • in 1761: Arrendator (tenant) was Schönfeldt.
  • in 1774 Reinhold Heinrich von Morstein.
  • 'in 1772: In 1772 or 1773 Mißeiken was bought by the Post- und Banco-Direktors Johann Christian Witte from Memel, who added (27/7/1774) 14 Morgen 30 Ru. Oletzkoisch from the village Luhßen alias Jahn Schuscheiken to his estate and sold it
  • in 1793: to his daughter Louise Wilhelmine, married since 1785 to the second Bank-Direktor and first Postsekretär Johann George Schultze from Wolgast. Schultze built a new Vorwerk which he called to honour his wife „Luisenberg“ , bought Kischken Gerge , Gaisland Stenzel and Raubsch Mahlboth . Schultze died the 27/7/1795, only 45 years old. His widow married the merchant and Swedish agent Christian Wilhelm Wachsen, who died in 1814 .
  • in 1819: She gave Mißeiken ( 16/11/1819) to her son from her first marriage , the merchant Georg Leopold Schultze and his wife Caroline Marianne born Hahn, and sold her estate Louisenhof (Kr.Memel) or Wachsenhöfchen in 1822 .
  • in 1838: The 13/2/1838 Mißeiken was transferred to Leutnant James Roerdanß and his wife Jenny Euphronica, daughter of the former owner Schultze.
  • in 1847: The 14/1/1847 George Peter von Schulze from Marwa in Poland, married to Julie Auguste Friederike born Funck was the owner. The 18/4/1864 he gave Raubsch Malboth or Zenkuhnen to his son George von Schulze .(Before that the land was leased)
  • in 1875: The father died the 19/6/1872 and the 15/10/1875 Johann Georg August von Schulze took the estate, died the 2/3/
  • 1893 followed by his son Walter Karl von Schulze (note: married to Elisabeth Helene born Frentzel) .[4]


  • in 1719: The owner of the "köllmisch estate Mißeiken, belonging to the district Mümmel, is Wildnißbereiter Christian Gabriel Mülich . He has 22 Huben 21 Morgen: 21 H. 11 Mo. in Mißeiken, 10 Mo. on the Schmeltze, 1 H. on the Vitte. Source:[5]
  • in 1719:The owner of Mießeigken, a "cöllmisch" estate in the district Schlabzem, is Wildnißbereiter Christian Gabriel Mülich. Source:[6]



Mieszeiken on Schroetterkarte (1796-1802) 1:50 000
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
See on top in the middle Schmeltelle (river) on Schroetter Karte 1802, scale 1: 160 000

Estate Miszeiken and surroundings on Preußischen Urmesstischblatt 1860
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Estate Miszeiken on Preußischen Urmesstischblatt 1860
© Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Mißeiken on Messtischblatt 0293 Plicken and 0393 Götzhöfen (1910-1940) with the municipal boundaries of 1938
© Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie
Town sketch from the Former inhabitants list of Miszeiken prepared in the 1950s (c) Bundesarchiv

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Daten aus dem genealogischen Ortsverzeichnis

  • Mißeiken Source Wohnplatz 21.232 (deu)
  • Mižeikiai (1923) Source page 1087 (lit)
  • Miszeiken (1923) Source page 1087 (deu)
  • manor (- 1945)
  • settlement (1945 -)
  • 66132
external id
  • geonames:596885
  • nima:-2616870

TK25: 0393

Superordinate objects

Mižeikiai, Mißeiken (1939-05-01 -) ( municipality ) Source

Memel, Memel Land (1907) ( parish ) Source S.162/163

Mißeiken, Mižeikiai, Miszeiken (- 1939-04-30) ( Gutsbezirk ) Source Source

Memel (Hlste. Dreifaltigkeit), Klaipėda, Memel (1907) ( parish ) Source S.162/163


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