New year's Eve (Silvester)

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New Years Eve (Silvester)

Pope Silvester I (314-335) is the day's saint, his name is the same as New Year's Eve. The arrival of the new year is celebrated with the ringing of the church bells, fireworks and parties. On december 31. at midnight the church bells ring thru out Germany. people who celebrating raise their champagne glass to toast the new year with a " Prosit Neujahr!" As soon as the fireworks start, people leave their houses and watch it. Unlike christmas , Silvester is spent in company of friends or at new Years balls. A favorite party game on 'Silvesterabend" is 'Bleigie├čen'.( Blei-lead) You poor melted lead from a ladle into a bowl of cold water and tell the fortunes from shapes into which the lead hardens. On New Years day, the chimney sweep goes from house to house. That is for good luck. The chimney sweep get from every family I glass "Schnaps" a strong drink. If it is cold on New years day, he sure is not going to get cold.

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