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Hi folks and thanks for visiting our NEW Nightschool...

We will make it very easy on everyone. You can visit us at anytime and set your own pace to continue your studies.

Our first step is to start a talking Dictionary , which is still in it's infant stage and very meager, but it shows you the basic idea. Please, keep in mind, that it is in the experimental stage and needs a lot of improvements.

Please let me know whenever you have any ideas for improvements and new words and phrases you would like to have added. You can also visit our newly created Guestbook and leave your comments there.

And, of course, you can reach me anytime HERE

All future announcements will be placed here, so please bookmark this page and keep visiting often..

Still having sound problems with the Nightschool?? Get some help Here

OK, folks are you ready for the 'real world' ?


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