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OW-Preussen-L is an open, bilingual mailinglist for researchers in the East and West Prussia (Preussen) area.

Want to join: http://list.genealogy.net/mailman/listinfo/ow-preussen-l

This is a bilingual mailinglist. You can write messages in English or German.
Emails sent to this list will not only be archived on a server from genealogy.net but also in an external mailarchiv (for example http://mailarchive.com). These messages can be found by searchengines like Google. The mailinglist operator does not have any influence on the external archive. In particular single messages cannot be deleted.
This mailinglist is an open list. Everone interested in the list's topic can join the list. You can see the collection of prior postings to the list in the free archive: http://list.genealogy.net/mailman/archiv/ow-preussen-l/
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