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in the year 1855 (former Porez, Poretze). Place and noble convent in the district of the monastery Preetz, located between Kiel and Ploen, on the river Schwentine and the Kirchsee (church lake). Village church. Province Kiel. In Preetz are 160 shoemaker masters and this is the most important business. There are also very good weavers and cabinet-makers. The manufacturer Mosbach and Carl Flor & Comp. supply almost all towns in Schleswig-Holstein with her cotton, wool and silk fabrics. In the village is 1 soap factory, 1 vinegar brewery, 1 coach factory, 2 tobacco factory's, 2 candle factory's and several tannery's. Residents: 4579. - Some houses south of the village are named Ilsaal (former Ylsol). The villages of : Altona, Behnkenmuehle, Beksberg, Bornsdorf, Brandeburg, Erdbeerenberg, Fischerboden, Hellerkathen, Hoernsee, Hohenwuehren, Jammerthal, Ilsaal, Loeptien, Nettelsee, Oha, Preetz, Pohnsdorf, Pohnsdorferfeldt, Postfeld, Raisdorf, Reuterskoppel, Scharsdorf, Schellhorn, Sieversdorf, Stauen, Verdruß, Vogelsang, Wakendorf, Weinberg; Gut Bredeneek ( Gut = estate), Gut Bundhorst with Aukathe, Ludwigslust, Sielbek, from theGut Depenau: the main farm, the dairy, Holzberg, Ochsenkoppel, Ruesch, Ziegeleikathe; the Gut Freudenholm with Langenkathe; the Gut Kuehren with Appelwerder, Glinde, Kiekut, Klein-Kuehren, zu Kuehren, Kuehrenbruecke, Kuehrsdorf, Moorkathe, Wilhelminenhof; from the Gut Lehmkuhlen: Stauung, Trent, Trenthorst, Vogtskathe; the Gut Sophienhof with Kreuzweg, Roehldiekholz, Rollbek; the Gut Wahlstorf with Barbloeken, Braache, Breiteneiche, Glaeserkoppel, in der Graeberei, auf dem Heisch, Johannrade, Kaiskamp, Langenrade, Muehlenberg, Ruschkrug, auf der Schafweide, Tartertwiete, Tiefenthal, Vogelsang, Wahlsdorf ( village), Wielen; from the Gut Dobersdorf: Lilienthal, im Moerken, Rehburg, Wildenhusen; from the Gut Rastorf: Rastorf, Hoheneichen, Kluuth, Langensahl, Lehmrade, Rastorfer-Passau ( partly), Rastorfer-Papiermuehle, Prieskamp, Rosenfeld, Spohlsau, Stubbenstedt, Uhlenhorst, Wildenhorst; the Gut Rethwisch with Dammdorf, Falkendorf; the Gut Schaedtbek with Kruthorst, Moorsehden, Soehren, Toetenkrog are belonging to the monastery at Preetz. Since 1833 the new cemetery is outside the village.

The school got a change since 1853 and could be used as a sample for other schools of smaller cities. It is a boy's school with four grades; a rector school with two grades; a girl's school with four grades. A free school is for app. 100 poor children additionally an industrial school for the second grade of the poor children. As a foundation there is the poorhouse at the Damm new build by Priörin (???) Elisabeth von Ahlefeld for 18 poor females. The orphanage build in 1731 by Margaretha von Ahlefeld for female children and with a capital of 8800 Reichsmark.

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