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We are going to develop a genealogical program that is based on Gentech's data model. Here you can find some thoughts regarding that project.

To get acceptance from the users the program must hide the complexity of Gentech's model in most cases. It should only be visable in 'expert mode'. So we need a mapping between the simple 'traditional' model ("My grandmother's name was ... and she was born on ...") and Gentech's evidence/assertion model. This mapping cannot be bidirectional but an input entered in the simple model, transfered to complex model and back to simple should produce the same information.

a bit more formal:

  • Let o be the original (simple) information.
  • Let c be the mapping simple->complex model.
  • Let s be the mapping complex->simple model.
  • Than s(c(o)) = o should hold.


examples of sources

church record (baptism)

birth record from the evangelical church Seitendorf, Jauer county, Silesia

church record (marriage)

marriage record from the evangelical church Seitendorf, Jauer county, Silesia

2. Den vierten Mai wurden getraut: der Wittwer Christian Gottlieb Herrmann, Kleingärtner und ...meister hierselbst, mit Jungfer Christiane Beate Zedlitz, des hiesigen Freigärtners Johann Gottlieb Zedlitz ehel. einzige Tochter. Bräutigam 39 Jahr, Braut 33 Jahr.

widower Christian Gottlieb Herrmann
damsel Christiane Beate Zedlitz, only daugther of Johann Gottlieb Zedlitz

church record (burrial)

death record from the evangelical church Seitendorf, Jauer county, Silesia

civil marriage certification

marriage certification from Zduny

Because this is not the original entry but a certification we have to create two sources: one for the original entry and the other for this particular certification. I know of a real life example where the certification contained a wrong date (compared to a copy of the original entry).

civil birth certification

birth certification from Freyhan, Silesia

obituary notice

obituary notice from Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

If you are very percise there are two sources for this kind of information:

  • the person who announced the death to a newspaper (might have reported incorrect data)
  • the newspaper which printed the obituary notice (typos)

But I think it is ok if we consider this as one single source.


"Totenzettel" from Pulheim


census record 1930 Fort Worth

passenger list

immigration record 1893 New York


addressbook entry Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 1939 page 111

Fleischer, Arthur, Maschinensetz., Grie-
  singerstr. 7 II.
- Fritz, Maler[1], Boninstr. 4 II.
- Emma, Ww.[2], Lüdemannstr. 53 II.
- Louise, Ww., Fockstr. 12.
- Oskar, Schlachtermstr.[3], Fockstr. 12 E.T.7034.
- Rudolf, Ob.Maschinist, Kaiserstr. 77 Erdg.[4]
  1. painter
  2. widow
  3. butcher (master craftsman)
  4. basement


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