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Origin and Meaning

Variants of the name

Sauerhöfer, Sauerhoefer, Sauerheber.

Original name "Sauerheber" (Germany), around 1700 in Mußbach (today district of Neustadt/Weinstraße). This path kept the name Sauerheber. One descendant married 1774 in Knöringen near Landau (palatinate). Around 1800 the name changed there to Sauerhoefer and Sauerhöfer. It appears the first time in the documents of the Mairie (municipal administration) of Knöringen introduced by Napoleon. As from 1813 also the name Sauerhöfer is used in the church registers where until this the name Sauerheber was registered. Names used by ancestors emigrated to the USA are Sauerheber, Sauerhoefer, Sauerhöfer, Sauerhafer and Sauerhaber.

Geographical allocation

Relative Absolute
relative distribution of the lastname Sauerhöfer (a total of 87 entries in 2002) created by Geogen 3.0
legend: less than 10 occurrence per million, up to 25 occ./mil., up to 50 occ./mil., up to 75 occ./mil., up to 100 occ./mil., more than 100 occ./mil.

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