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Not only in libraries but also in second hand bookshops and on flea markets one can find genealogically relevant literature, e.g. address books, research results of other genealogists and much more.

It doesn´t seem to be very useful creating here a list of local second hand bookshops, because of the little and arbitrary content of such list. You can find them anyway using phone and/or address books. Corresponding web sites you can find too: some second hand bookshops have created collective shop sites.

For Example (Germany)
  1. Zentrales Verzeichnis antiquarischer Bücher: ZVAB
  2. Eurobuch:
  3. Prolibri:
  4. Booklooker:
  5. AbeBooks:


Some popular second hand bookshops can be searched on Special Page "Book Sources" using ISBN. Elder books might not have a ISBN (reprints may have), since ISBN was implemented in 1972.

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