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The so-called Auslandsstandesamt (foreign registry office) Standesamt I in Berlin has about two million "Standesamt" documents (births, marriages, deaths) from the former German territories in the East, (from more than 1400 former German registry offices), from 1874 to 1945. Application for a copy of a document is free if nothing is found. Because of the large number of applications it will take six to nine months for a reply, sometimes longer. It is not permissible to look for the documents yourself. According to the law ( 31/12/ 2008)"Personenstandsgesetz" you may only request copies of the records of direct relatives!

The Standesamt I in Berlin does not have any documents from the Berlin area. You can find these in today`s civil registry in Berlin.

Before making an application you should check the library catalogue for any relevant documents in Berlin:

  • Standesregister und Personenstandsbücher der Ostgebiete im Standesamt I in Berlin: Gesamtverzeichnis für die ehemaligen Ostgebiete, die besetzten Gebiete und das Generalgouvernement, Frankfurt: Verlag für Standesamtswesen, 1992. ISBN 3-8019-5645-8

Written applications should be sent to:

Standesamt I in Berlin
Schönstedtstraße 5
13357 Berlin

Telephone: (030) 90269-0
Telefax: (030) 90269-5245

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