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Now let's get started..

First, let everyone in the world know who you are, your goals, where you're from, your ancestry, etc.
Do not include any confidential information. Reminder: what you write is transparent to the world and could remain FOREVER.
(Your words can be deleted if you feel uncomfortable. You can change some or all at any time)

YOU can create your own personal profile: (You might want to make a printout of this page as an easy reference.)

Now take a look at the top line. Look for the small "human symbol" followed by your User name.
Then it says "my talk preferences my watchlist my contributions and log out".

Your user name and my talk are in RED which means no contents have been created yet.

Next, click on your user name. On the opening page it says "(There is currently no text in this page)". Now click on the edit tab on the top.

You are now ready to make your very own, first wiki-link. It goes like this:

Type "[[" a double open bracket and then User:

Make sure not to forget the " : " (colon) after the word User.

Next type in your user name ... here I will use my own as an example "Zscheile",

Next use a "]]" a double-closing bracket again.

This is what it looks like now:


As you can see, User:Zscheile is shown in a blue color, meaning this webpage already exists.
However, your article doesn't exist yet. Therefore it will show in the color RED.
Mission accomplished !... yet, still an empty page :-((

From now on whenever you click on your link you will receive a new empty page, ready to be filled...

That's not too much to learn in a single day. Let's keep going:

Step 2 ;-))

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