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Manifest ID No. T84011 Ship Name: S. S. Switzerland Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium Departure Date: 17 Oct 1888 Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, PA Arrival Date: 30 Oct 1888 Master of Ship: T. Uberweg Ship Type: Screw Steamer; 3 Decks Built in 1874 at Jarrow (Palmer's Eng. S & I. Co.) Owners: Societé Anonyme de nav. Belge Americaine Passenger Total 213

Captain's Summary: Cabin passenger total: 6

Another journey added:

Microfilm Roll Number: T840_11

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Micropublication T840. RG085. Rolls # 1-181. National Archives, Washington, D.C. & RE: Vessel: Switzerland (steamer) Master: Ueberweg, T. Register: Record of American and Foreign Shipping, 1888

Manifest ID No. T8408

Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium

Port of Arrival Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arrival Date 22 Jul 1886

Master of Ship Joseph Buschmann

Ship Type Scw. Steamer Tonnage 2,104 Decks 3 Built: January 1874 at Yarrow by Palmer's Eng. S & I Co. Owners: Societé Anonyme de Nav. Belge Americaine

Passenger Total: 70

Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium

Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arrival Date: 21 November 1886

Master of Ship: Josef Buschmann

Passenger Total: 250

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