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Documentation Subpage This article is a Documentation Subpage of Template:Documentation.

Reading and unterstanding a template is much easier if source code (WikiText) and documentation are in different places (=articles). At the same time this way WikiText parser gets less load to do...


At the end of a template you may write <noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>.[1]

Subpage /Doku consisting the real template documentation starts with:


end continues with text, describing template and its usage.


In this fictive example template ABC gets a documentation.


Name: Template:ABC

<includeonly>...Program Code of Template...</includeonly><noinclude>


Name: Template:ABC/Documentation

This template is mentioned for ...
== Parameter ==
1. ...
== Example ==
=== Usage ===
=== Display ===

  1. This way you automatically include content of subpage /Documentation.
  2. So you get an infobox with a link to the template itself (a backlink to the template page).
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