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Research contacts in FOKO

The FOKO database serves to facilitate contacts among researchers with common interests. Registered FOKO users with genealogical interests in the place of your concern can be found either by searching for the GOV-ID or by search for the placename. (Search facilities in FOKO).

How to use this template:

You can include this template dynamically in an article by typing {{FOKO|1|2}}. This picks up also your headline (place name), which thus you will not need to repeat.

  1. parameter 1 must be replaced by the GOV-ID
  2. parameter 2 must be replaced by the place name

For an example (based on Haaren), the result will look like this:


If you do not know the GOV-ID, leave out parameter 1 (i.e., place two || after FOKO; the result will look like this:


(The FOKO team can then see to the provision or establishment of a GOV-ID).

Some special German letters must by replaced by symbol chains as follows:

letter    Symbol to insert 
Ä       =    %C4         
Ö       =    %D6         
Ü       =    %DC         
ß       =    %DF
ä       =    %E4
ö       =    %F6
ü       =    %FC
(blank) =    %20

For Mönchengladbach the result should look like this: {{FOKO|adm_135116|M%F6nchengladbach}}

After inclusion of the template in an article, please note:
This entry can now be reached for further editing only by selecting the „edit“ function of the sub-title PRECEDING the sub-title „Research contacts in FOKO”.

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