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This template needs to be used with the following parameters:

  1. Original text source ("This article is based on the old regional page ..."), e.g. "www.genealogienetz.de/reg/AUT/archive.htm"
  2. Link to the article version with the original text, e.g. "http://wiki.genealogy.net/w/index.php?title=Archive_in_Österreich&oldid=185253 (link can be found on Article history by activating the right version (click!) and copying the URL)

As an example, full use of the above parameters will then look like this:

|1=the old regional page www.genealogienetz.de/reg/AUT/archive.htm

(Remark: The first parameter requires figures (1= ...) because of the equal sign in the second parameter (link)!)

and therefore creates:

This article is based on the old regional page www.genealogienetz.de/reg/AUT/archive.htm. Original content at the time of the change-over to GenWiki you may view here. Comments and editorial remarks you can find on the discussion page of this article.

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