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Note of Appreciation

  • Dated May 2, 1849
  • From New York Harbor
  • Ship "TRITON"
  • Captain C.D.Ratje
  • Having made the voyage from Elsfleth[on the Weser River near Bremen]to New York aboard the Oldenburg ship "TRITON",
  • We feel obliged to express our heartfelt thanks to the captain for the goodness he showed to the passengers.
  • Signed:
  • Joh[ann] Heinrich DIETZ from Louisville[KY] for the remining cabin passengers
  • FULD and family from Stolzenau
  • Joh[ann] Christian HEYN from Stolzensu
  • Rudolf WEISS from Coburg
  • Heinrich GERBER from St Louis[MO] in America
  • Charl[es] WENTE for steerage passengers
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