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My Story

My name is Cheryl (Esche) Herrig-Ness. I live in Brookings, South Dakota. I began researching my family history about 20 years ago after my children were born. It has been a fascinating journey, and I have gathered a significant amount of information about my family lines. If I had not started gathering information from the elder family members when I did, much of it would have been lost when they passed on. I am sincerely grateful that they humored me and told me what they knew. I am not accustomed to talking about myself so doing this personal page is difficult. I much prefer stalking/researching my ancestors' lives and writing about them.

My email address is:

These are the surnames and locations that I am researching:

  • ESCHE - (Merseburg, Lissen by Osterfeld , and Weissenfels) Sachsen Anhalt, Germany > Milwaukee, Wisconsin > Day County, South Dakota, USA
  • KOEZSLING - Waldau, Kr. Schleusingen, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany
  • HANNS - Doeschwitz by Zeitz, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany > Berrien County, Michigan, USA
  • HORTER - Rothwasser, Kr. Gorlitz, Schlesien, Prussia Germany > Day County, South Dakota, USA
  • GUELL - Neuenburg, Kr. Soldin, Neumark, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany > Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, USA
  • KOTTKE - Neu Grunau, Flatow, Westpreussen, Germany > Day County, South Dakota, USA
  • WEGNER - Posen, Poland > Dermanka, Volhynia, Russia > Harvey County, Kansas, USA > Day County, South Dakota, USA
  • STAHLHEBER - Bavaria, Germany > Harvey County, Kansas, USA
  • VOGT - Eistock (Eichstatt?), Bavaria, Germany
  • HERRIG - Trier, Saarland, Germany and Bavaria, Germany > Leavenworth, Kansas, USA > Brookings County, South Dakota, USA
  • GOFF - England > Washington County, Virginia, USA > Coles County, Illinois, USA > Buena Vista County, Iowa, USA > Swift County, Minnesota, USA
  • DILWORTH - London, England > Jullundur, Umballa, and Kasauli, Punjab States,India > Buena Vista County, Iowa, USA
  • LEAVER - Hampshire, England
  • BRAILEY - Devon, England > London, England > Buena Vista County, Iowa, USA
  • MCDONALD - Sioux County, Iowa, USA > Douglas County, South Dakota, USA
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