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Hi Everyone,

My name is Dolores O'Keeffe but feel free to call me Doll. I have been dabbling in genealogy for about 4 years now. The U.S. Cencus records from 1860 show my gr-gr-grandparents and 3 children. The children are all listed as being born in New York and my gr-gr-grandparents as being born in Baden.

Henry and Ludwina Brandmeyer are shown as 32 and 29 years of age. Their children are Amelia (4), Catharine (3) and Rhinehart (1). Henry's occupation is a carpenter.

From my gr-grandparents record of marriage I know that Ludwina's maiden name is Kaltenmeier.

Their ages are consistent on the 1870 cencus and 4 more children have been added to round out the family Emma (9), August (6), Caroline (4) and Henry (1).

Henry's age is consistent on the 1880 cencus but Ludwina is not shown although Henry is still listed as married. The three oldest daughters (children #1, 2 and 4) are also not shown on this cencus. The ages of the other children are all consistent with previous years.

Henry has also been shown as Heinrich and the last name has also been spelled as Brandmeier.

My gr-grandparents were married in Trinity Evangical Lutheran Church on Staten Island but I know the Brandmeyer's have a family plot in St. Mary's Cemetary on Staten Island and that my grandmother and her siblings were raised Catholic.

As I've said I've dabbled in this for 4 years now and have been mainly researching what I could find here in the United States and figure it was time to branch out to Germany for some research.

Thanks for listening and if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to email me.


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