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Personal Data

  • Name: Thies, David
  • Occupation: Information Technology Technician
  • Residence: Belvidere, Illinois, USA
  • Ancestral Geography: My family tree includes immigrants from two different areas in what is now known as Germany. My Thies ancestors emmigrated from the area of southwest Mecklenburg and Northwest Brandenburg near the village of Brunow. My Schröder ancestors emmigrated from the area of eastern Mecklenburg and western Pommerania near the town of Bad Sülze.

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Databases - where you can find my genealogical data:

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Ancestral Surnames/Locations that I am researching

  • Thies - Mecklenburg: Brunow, Horst; Brandenburg/Prignitz: Lockstädt, Bresch
  • Theis - Brandenburg/Prignitz: Lockstädt, Mansfeld
  • Berg - Pommern: Tribohm
  • Boresel - Pommern: Tribohm
  • Brinckmann/Brinkmann - Mecklenburg: Wulfsahl, Horst
  • Dahncke - Mecklenburg: Wulfsahl
  • Els/Elss - Brandenburg/Prignitz: Reetz
  • Grothe - Brandenburg/Prignitz: Reetz
  • Iven - Pommern: Tribohm, Plennin
  • Hein/Heyn - Mecklenburg: Brunow; Brandenburg/Prignitz
  • Köhn - Pommern: Tribohm
  • Schnell/Schnelle - Mecklenburg: Prislich, Wanzlitz
  • Schulze - Mecklenburg: Wanzlitz, Prislich
  • Schröder - Mecklenburg: Bad Sülze, Rostock; Pommern: Plennin
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