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Hello, I'm Trudy and I am continually amazed at this Wiki or GenWiki thing (or whatever).
It just seems to go on and on and I can find so much info here. I have been working on my family history for almost 20 years. I am the one whose parents came from Germany (from Saxony) with my 4 older siblings and I was one of the younger ones who were born in the US. My father forbade us to learn/speak German so we would be "good Americans". So later in life when I needed it I didn't have it. I know, I know -- I should learn. The first letters I wrote were to east Germany a few years before the wall came down. A very nice pastor in Theuma, Saxony (in Vogtland) sent me some really good information. I have written many letters but my best letter was to a Vogtland Genealogical Society in 1994 that connected me with a women who has been researching many years (although she has a family and full time job). This fantastic lady and I share many ancestors. Now I have connected with a man in Bavaria who is researching for me and we found out (so far) we share an ancestor. Everyone has been so very good to me. If you have ancestors in Saxony -- or northern Bavaria -- let me know -- we might be related.

Looking for: MÜLLER in Saxony or Bavaria. WILFFERT or WÜLFFERT in Werda or Tirpersdorf, Saxony.

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