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Hi to all :-)

I am Lothar Hlavensky from Germany, near Cologne. I was born in Cologne in 1951 but grow up in a small Village called Moitzfeld, now (sorry) part of Bergisch Gladbach.

I´ve been searching my family-name roots about twenty years until success in 2003. Now I have a complete data of about 7.000 persons. Not all of them are related with me, but most of them are related with my grandchilds.

Take a look: [1]

The roots traced back to Bohemia, Czech [2] a small village named Bysice where my g-g-grandfather was born in 1825 as son of a forester. The family settled more than 200 years in the next village Cecelice. (all C´s are spoken like "Ch" in Charly. It was a notable family with Judges, Mayors and Chronicars. Nowadays we are spread over the world: Germany, USA, Brazil.

It is possible that our name comes from the next located villages "Kostelny Hlavno" or Sudno Hlavno"

               Hla(v/w)ensky = of Hlavno / from Hlavno

Hobbys Cause I am a licensed coach for fitness and nutrition too, I prefer to workout my body with: fitness-boxing, power-walking and with a self-created system which I call

          Fit with Fun and Maximum Success. That is FitFunMax : me :-))

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